The BTC Bitcoin story so far...
  • Utilises a public transaction ledger which exposes an address current value - 'the block chain' of transactions
  • Historically predominantly suffered loss by online theft and electronic component failure
  • Displays wild price fluctuation BUT increased 1600% December 2016 to January 2018 (USD 16,000)
  • High daily trade volume (~ 4.9 billion USD per 24 hour) but now seen as asset and less as daily currency
  • Investment class like gold or fine art relying on sentiment for value
  • Internationally recognised and traded in 90+ countries
  • Investor can 'hold and forget' when stored on not electronic, printed 'paper wallet' - Internet performance-based marketing

BTC Gift Card

BTC Gift card example

Purchase a BTC Gift Card where the value is held as bitcoin from purchase. Your bitcoin gift is delivered as a 'paper wallet' - a printed delivery address and passphrase protected against transfer. Gift by hand, post mail or possibly email and provide the passphrase you created at purchase; in a secure, convenient way.

Taaxxii - Gift card features

    Why a Bitcoin gift?
  • Possibly excellent gains from low cost investment
  • Wide media interest - now well accepted
  • International, not locked to any country currency
  • Easily purchased, innovative gift choice

    How to purchase :
  • By clicking the 'Buy Now' button
  • Please read the 'Terms and Conditions' document
  • Direct bank or Western Union bank payment options
  • Quick delivery by email or post

For BTC Buyers offers market based BTC buy rates with a simple, secure 'paper wallet' delivery. Payment from any location, we currently accept Aus$ and Baht (in Thailand)

Taaxxii - Features for BTC buyers

    Why use Taaxxii?
  • Simple, secure BTC Bitcoin delivery
  • Purchase up to 4 BTC
  • Australian owned and operated company
  • International Western Union or direct branch bank payment options