Taaxxii.com - Internet performance-based marketing
    Internet marketing facts -
  • 66% of Internet advertising revenue was 'Performance-based' in 2012
  • Internet advertising revenue outpaces all other media 2005-2012
  • Mobile devices show greatest advertising growth
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP. IAB Report April 2013

For Advertisers

Join now and easily create an online advertising campaign for your product or service.

Optionally use offline promoters to engage customers. Offline promoters offer a discount or gift 'coupon code' to identify their efforts and increase your sales.

Taaxxii - Features for Advertisers

    Why use Taaxxii Performance Marketing?
  • No risk - only pay on sales
  • Reach an international and local audience
  • Advertise on mobile, tablet and desktop devices
  • Taaxxii is Melbourne, Australia managed
  • Stated and appropriate ethical guidelines

    Campaign Management
  • Update your campaign as needed
  • Sale commissions paid after pending period
  • Approve publishers/promoters assisting your campaign
  • Campaigns can be multi-language - publisher dependent
  • Campaign to International regions - publisher dependent
  • Taaxxii does the management and reports to you!

    Quality Reporting
  • Summary and line reports emailed weekly
  • Current active Publisher/Promoters
  • Your sales and views by Publisher/Promoter
  • Sales fee committment for the period

For Publishers

Free to join for bloggers, site owners and social networking users. Taaxxii is a performance-based marketing channel connecting Advertisers with Publishers to obtain internet sales. Publishers earn commissions from successful promotion of the advertisers product or service.

Taaxxii - Features for Publishers

    Why use Taaxxii Performance Marketing?
  • High value advertised items
  • Stated and appropriate ethical guidelines
  • Receive weekly emails reporting views and sales
  • Cookie, unique ID and IP tracking technologies
  • Monthly direct bank or Paypal payments
  • Taaxxii is Melbourne, Australia managed